Written by Chaka Px

Striped of all the glory

he walked into the room unclad

to reminiscence of his utterance before no one.

He is either yet to be dressed or it has been taken from him,

the coup of spiritual forces.

His dreams were to liberate the subject

But he was undressed.

The speech has been reharsed a thousand times,

yet it was flushed down the drain with vomit.

    The undressed pope yet before noiseless crowd of his mirror,

    Imagine his appearance to the disapproval of his religion.

    “Dress my shame” he uttered

The applaud of his subject brought him back,

imaginations are major deal of focus.

    Left behind his weakness

         with multitude to view.

               The Undressed Pope,

       Is yet to be dressed.







Written By Chaka PX

Child of Fire, Destitute choice

at the corner, for crumps to fall,

Who to judge, my arm at length.

Mercy i pray thee

Day by day my heart is circumcised

with vulnerability, who to help?

Please sir, please Ma, help the needy

I wish it will fall

                  Who owns it really…….

Pity all the time,

Alms don’t drop on fallen fingers

you give, i give,

                no contamination.

the beggars alms with superstition

    How many would i get?

The gold coin are expensive

 to taste.

Help the needy, help the poor.





Written by Chaka PX

Why bother when your strength is in your mouth,

I think you need help than i do,

“oH no i would have done something yesterday”

Its Edgy, don’t push it,

I may not be where you are but i got some where,

Please help doesn’t mean i don’t have,

Please do good with deeds,

We all are in need.




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Written by Chaka PX


Its not the frame of a building,

the opportunity desired and seen,

lingering in the object of admiration.

“If you lack go through the window” said a wise man

But how cane we go through it, such by mention,

Such by determinations.

What you see through a window is for self and self alone,

What do you want more? The door is occupied by wanna bees.

Chose a window and get through it.





Written by Chaka PX

Eyes open, Roll, Stretch

sit up, stand up and move one,

Some wake up call to some one with motive,

Believe, do, walk, run and jump

Some wake up call to some one with ambition,

Wake up, pray, gather up and seek,

Some wake up call to the lazy.

Whats your motive to waking up, that’s real thought.

Wake up, roll over, fight on, run off

to start off, you need to break the neck off,

I can hear another minute calling for the bed,

break the neck off.

this is for some struggling to get up,

we have been there, just wake up.







Written by Chaka PX

Growing up i thought birth marks comes naturally,

Until i saw the deep scar.

What do i call that?

A reminder right?

IT has healed but still hurts.

my thought went through my eyes,

I hate the sight of it.

I wont discuss it, stop talking to me.

My mark my memory.

what really happened i can’t say.

its my addiction that sickens me

my mark preach,

Please don’t judge me,

Know me first

my mark hurts

i cant take it any longer


Whoooooooo is out there………….. it hurts.





Written by Chaka-px

Is it Just the Temper?

on the wrong side of bed we call it,

But is it true?

Natural disaster future fortell

Adjustment during hard times.

Pain we thought we feel

but anxiety the crowd of life.

No space for the thought to feel,

who to help with it.

Trouble, also turbulent, Challenges

Favour unaccounted for.

Dismissed times are hard, trouble takes over.

Oh! our companion, trouble indeed,

Turbulent times un-denied.