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Written by Chaka-px

Is it Just the Temper?

on the wrong side of bed we call it,

But is it true?

Natural disaster future fortell

Adjustment during hard times.

Pain we thought we feel

but anxiety the crowd of life.

No space for the thought to feel,

who to help with it.

Trouble, also turbulent, Challenges

Favour unaccounted for.

Dismissed times are hard, trouble takes over.

Oh! our companion, trouble indeed,

Turbulent times un-denied.




Written by Chaka-px

Rolling we held hands as s bond,

no nut on-turned.

friendship as brothers or sisters,

memories crosses past.

we settle our differences in ways path.

What Happened?

Just rumours or over grown.

Hated and resented,

we fought with all we had and even look stupid at it.

Now we were more than grown,

no room for resentment,

but nut re-tied.

Kudos to our Friendship.





Written by Pino-x

Last week i saw my girlfriend and a guy she told me it was her cousin Kissing around a corner, I started thinking to myself, What do i make of this?

Is she lying to me or is that incest?

All i wanted to do was apprehend them but on a second thought, i let it go.

There she came to my house in the evening with all the bullshit lies, i always received.

Who is the best deceiver Male or Female?

This is the very girl, that cried the last time i saw her in someones arm, promising that it will never happen. I asked a friend what will you do, when you caught your girlfriend kissing with someone other than yourself.

His respond really send me out of his place. in his words ” i will kill them both” i quickly ran out, that is beyond my reach, i haven’t given birth to anyone, how can i take a life because of that?.

Someone heard me and told me, that i don’t truly love the girl, if not i would do more than that, What is wrong with the people of this generation.

Cheating is now a food to eat, believe me you, someone cannot feed but can afford a side chick.


Lets give it a break, stop hurting yourself for nothing.

still open for suggestion, What do i do?




Written by Pino-x

Feeble mind on written,

created or invented, for

i saw the weak ahead,

drained of words to live.

who is foolish should go to the ant,

crawl before you learn to walk

in the shadow of yourself.

to the brave,

we understand emptiness,

with loud noise comes the drop of water

knowledge to the illiterates and

wisdom to the infant.

Where has Sense ever been common?




Written by Pino-x

So it is said and done

words reverse in melancholy

drawn to the very board it,


Who’s reserve, let him speak,

Who’s perverse, let him keep shut.

No longer in play,

we substituted for invention.

Oh! Communication,

thou has faileth thyself.

So its trampled and negelected,

condoned and fixed in a box,

who pave the way without thou,

spoken withdrawn to be mute,

speak forth beloved.

Communication my world.




Written by Pino-x

All to myself i keep,

with mind as loud as trumpet,

buried in the pages of my art.

i must have created,

such a beauty, definition of perfect.

such cruel world,

yet my companion.

i have her, words so pure

my companion my thought.


the elegance yet to be born,

the day i breath you life,

existence gave a meaning,

her confidence shows me the paradise.

Don’t leave me, the cry of my heart.

Who to replace you, when i did wake up.

My Lover, My self.




Written by Pino-x

Some one please help me!

there are demons inside my head,

Oh what an argument,

Go left, No go right

Who do i believe.

But i liked them all, how do i let them go

Cross my heart to befriend them.

What do i believe.

the evil has duct-taped the good

to the chair, suffocating my creativity

to insubordination.

Who is in the darkness,

A little dark bitch

can i come and see her

Ye yea yea.


Don’t eat me raw.

the voices inside my head.