Written by Chaka PX Dare me my darling Rain is pure to heal running on surface don't decree my soul can kill with teeth as of prince of thief's. Melt down my thought the comforting words of the past is the agony of existance truth that can't be bought in weaver or not. #topomzblog



Written by Chaka PX it hurts my tears from the heart, i feel let out in my own story, "No one cane walk out of his own story", Rango make it clear I carried the pain left hidden in the dark room of thought. Who do i turn to? I asked so much and receive... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX SEE OR NOT TO BELIEVE, THIS IS PURE EVIL Clean your eyes oh you blessed one, I can't understand a thing you do,   dark days approaches and the fading light not to ever surface. running on the face face of planet Earth, No sunshine when the red moon is collected.... Continue Reading →


Written b y Chaka PX New thought, clean thought, wild thought I can't let imaginations cover my story, where do i begin, always the thought. the fist of dirty mind. has a grip on my thick skull, who would rescue me, the inevitable wild card, play to my domain, i set the table of minds,... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX        Day after Day    I am loosen it, story never change, My mind is the devil       I mean progress is an enemy running heels from my hard work. Where are my manners, are these trials?         Gently, i am a person,   Darkness is engroving, i can't see         ... Continue Reading →


Written By Chaka PX Child of Fire, Destitute choice at the corner, for crumps to fall, Who to judge, my arm at length. Mercy i pray thee Day by day my heart is circumcised with vulnerability, who to help? Please sir, please Ma, help the needy I wish it will fall                   Who owns it... Continue Reading →

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