READ TO BREATH (qara’at liltanafus)

Written by Chaka PX For books to turn on, desires for quest, Address the thought of fresh breath, Listen fellow we need the breath any way, drawn my the volume of her speech. Read to breath content of giant foot step we were lost in time and watch, Focus in Ideal reality, contest my emotion,... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX When she left I saw the tears in her voice, The anxiety of the distant heart, When she left, I saw the crack in the rooftop, the flaws of my endurance. When she left, I faint my heart to sleep and pride my eyes of tears, When she left, the whole... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX The pain of muteness Controversial mutiny words play for public, Detention of vocals, I must have spoken a bunch, Don't call in late, words fight words again. The story of the jungle town crier, I tell it all, come close to reveal the truth, I spoke it all Dare me in... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Flying the train of my imaginations, Locked and load with imperfection, I close my eyes and see me twice, Eavesdrop in my feet today, Don't ask me why, I wasn't told as well. I want to he like him, eyes and sight, Dreams of Invision we were not lost, I am... Continue Reading →

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