Written by Chaka PX Uninteresting unproductive, Thought of beverages, Mindset of doom, hard to build, Although firm extension reloaded. Peculiar reward for creation, Fist of trial, ordained with passion, Clever mixed with inches of profit, One of a kind, rear domestic fitness. Once the fought, he won but shares profit with loser, Crown the servant... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX Whisper in force dark, Fly the night light, Colourful and gloomy, She was caught in my thought. I heard the noise, faint and apologetic, "Help I am for you" Dreaming In The day for infant, The faintest cry held its moment, Indeed my tinker bell was trapped in me, The magic... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Re-world my opinion questions, Alien to verse of power and Supreme character, re write history. World class act with vision of thought. Create heaven in sight of straws, How can we trade knowledge for coins? Failed to feed the teacher kills the student. A genius, an intellectual prominent, Fighter of freedom,... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Its amazing, that's the maze in, We rate the Mason, not the mess in, Its creature and fire, drop the fire, I fell the drop of fleet, the sea reject. Who owns it, not I, feel free. Its amazing, am a mason, breathe the maze in. #simple #topomzblog


Written by Chaka PX Crawling the feable heart, The journey never end, Be careful to repeat all over. Plain and simple, white with glory, View beyond measure, Do I look back? What treasure holds me back, The length the benth. Is it fate to taste the other side, No turning back, free fate. No turning... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX What is? Straight, long, short, fat, good, bad, What is? Creation annihilation, purchase of rights, Who is? The cause of justice and crime, There is, at the moment not a thing, Where is? Word is bound on edgy calling, deep lite fate. What is, who is and where is? Let's focused... Continue Reading →

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