Written by Chaka PX

“Choose” So it was announced.

      On this night let the moon disgrace its subject,

the complexity of dignity sold in the hands of slaves,

A random night unmarked exposes the birth of,

freedom without labour.

      the liberation of the untouched in climax

Learning what the fathers gave up to grow their words.

it is on the random night when darkness was

stolen away by the courageous and melted by the

    homeless soldier saving his last bullet to the grave.

The random night in revelation of guts & glory

they were once in cage to be viewed by animals.

      On this Random night the salves dressed as masters,

the world get the change.

Pick a day and call it Random

   Thrust its existence, the Random night.







Written by Chaka PX

Once i rise over the delicacy of peoples thought,

I was told to obey and it turned to use,

I laced my face to face my judgement.

Yes it’s Me, i was once blind,

do i see or do i just Ignore?

I felt compelled to walk like zombies,

to search and destroy what is left of good.

I am used as a machine to end the dangerous

love affair of the dark and light we cannot see.

Do not compel me to leave my color

to favor what is built for destruction.

Do not compel me to compel the infant in mind.

I was once compelled to let go of my trust in humanity,

I was compelled to uncover the Mystery of love.

Do not compel me again.





Written by Chaka Px

A start up loner on a straight up Journey,

Who got the wings, i fly alone,

the words we shared, was love on a stone thrown,

I fly alone tho the wings ain’t strong,

where is the mountain, i wouldn’t hide,

where is the sea, i wouldn’t dive,

the bird is free, don’t judge my action

love the moves.

the bird wings don’t break, it last in time,

I got wings to fly, do join if it please you.






Written by Chaka Px

I shoot to kill

not the murder but the insight,

sharp to target.

My opportunity, my best practice

who are my target, i am a killer,

knowledge of the present

increase the chance of success.

i am a sharp shooter

hired on spot.

make me an offer, object of refusal

casualty of mass destruction.

Tell me a story about your death

and i would breath life into you.

Death to life.





Written by Chaka PX

After all said and done

Where do i go from here?

In a forever land, names are illegal

Where is here? Do you know?

Neither can i tell

Where is Here, My thought exactly,

Give me my wish,

Why have you abandoned me?

Where do i go from here?

Let the loose of brimstone crash the party,

For no where to go from here.

Where is here? I ask again.

Here in soft and inside, Look inwardly.

Here is you.





Written by Chaka PX

Delusional and unprotected,

i run with thoughts and ideas,

craving the idea of once imaginations

My mad mind kills without weapons.

my world my problem,

build without structures.

Am the king, am the subject

Reign on Me.

my mad mind

crazy and milanchuly for the tear down

madly my mind teach

driving on a stony road,

to make imperfections reliable.

My mad mind unpredicted

slowly depicting

motions into waiting,

Don’t trace my mad mind.






Written by Chaka PX

The Ocean my wife

Beauty she must be called

Sailor’s Bold.

Understanding treasure are my choices,

my death was to sink in the belly of the ocean.

Corny and unpredictable

Forge my sword in the blood of the innocent.

Cannon and balls are my treasures,

the sound of battles are food for our soul.

Jolly Sailor’s Bold

don’t pierce my heart

Dagger of evil.

The wound of injustice,

i do not trust not even my first mate,

Let my ship sink with my bones,

and rot with power of leadership

Dead tell no tales

Pirate life for me.