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Written By Chaka PX

She sings not for praise,

but in annoyance of life.

What comes down they say

must surely hit something.

faithfully her voice raised

not for awareness to know,

but for the destruction of others.

The bells comes ringing and

the church mouth is silent,

All because she sings.

Pay attention for here she comes again

don’t let her singing gets to you.

Damn you, we wave.

She sings…..




Written by Chaka PX

We all heard the word.

What goes around comes around.

No understanding to the effect,

of things done,

Until it repeat itself on you.

Never point fingers to what

you are capable of.

Karma is the best revenge.

No perfect collateral damage,

to turn around than Karma.

live the life, love the life.




Written by Chaka PX

World around, Fancy movement,

I desire the wold in close doors,

Craving the fantasy of illusions,

site seeing, many to touch.

Where is the Fun?

My views she’s funny,

My companion, My everything.

Vision to see around, no Motion.

World on tour, face encore

No places untouched.

Oh! its Touch Down.

Welcome to my world





Written by Chaka PX

Mind imagination, drawn too deep,

Eye lids the third world to creation.

i was once day dreaming,

My head was ahead of my body,

Dreams my vision creativity.

What then throws off balance,

Nightmares came,

Changes everything to worse.

What are dreams?

How real is it.

I can touch my feelings, do dreams care?

What understanding do they have,

Dreams My future, my foresight.




Written by Chaka Px

Terror, all around us,

Sounds more than building being demolished,

Even the cripple got up to their feet,

Lamentation, the other of age.

Instigation was foretold,

two war lords test their craft,

who do we deceive,

our hands are trained for labour to death,

Both young and old, we witness the imagination

of a HD Cinema.

Oh yes! there it comes again, i need to kill somebady.

Wish me luck.