Written by Chaka PX Death inside the Pan tray the agent of life, Exist in free thought, when the tides began to sink.     Squeeze the juice of unholy desires to described to break a leg literarily.    I can't escape the fate"      the long journey is here to stay, sores to claim the... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka Px Closed imaginations mother of creativity, i forge the existance of my brains in questions, who do i become? thoughts in cloud. I thought, i think and I am thinking......... I ran on feet to collapse the words in words, who on thought is thought to bare? Its caged and i am... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Condolence to all the dead still living,           We ain't stiff but alive. I saw the cadaver, don't tell them about it.      is it fresh, despite its a day old. My condolence to ignorance and laziness,          the stories for the past wishful thoughts. Rigamortis a state of wastefulness for... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka Px Breath away, I smell your intuition, But you are far away, I held you so close But you are far away, How can I reach you, when you are far away, Our hearts don't beat the same Our words don't have meaning We are all far away. #Topomzblog


Written by Chaka PX Delusional and unprotected, i run with thoughts and ideas, craving the idea of once imaginations My mad mind kills without weapons. my world my problem, build without structures. Am the king, am the subject Reign on Me. my mad mind crazy and milanchuly for the tear down madly my mind teach... Continue Reading →


  Written by Chaka Px Covered in treacherous nastiness of the world beyond. We were bound by words and fear, that the wind became very hustile and our feet our own enemy. Suddenly the birds became our voice the air gave our tommy to eat. Our captor, Darkness has surrendered. We bathed in day light... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX World around, Fancy movement, I desire the wold in close doors, Craving the fantasy of illusions, site seeing, many to touch. Where is the Fun? My views she's funny, My companion, My everything. Vision to see around, no Motion. World on tour, face encore No places untouched. Oh! its Touch Down.... Continue Reading →


Written by Pino-x Sweet Sweet, Sweet Sweet, Like jelly jello, words taste like wild honey, oh its true, not a doubt. sends forth to convience looks beyond ordinary. I almost lost it, I robotized without control, focus on points of no return. well spoken with vigour drained the passion of liquor, Acted on believe of... Continue Reading →

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