Written by Chaka PX

My Face decorate my worst pride………

Am scared of not being the light,

I am too gentle for dead to be a victim

Lets be calm, my mind is the devil.

Night is my delight, i work through it.

Call me the gentle though my horror was well known.

I design my menu to me to tag innocent,

I am still gentle, don’t underrate me,

My Silence can ruin human existence, Call me gentle.

I am dead gentle for does who cares,

I re-write my gentleness with passion to arrogance, don’t hate my existance.

I am too gentle to be called gentle,

focus on my appearance, its mind blowing

I am gentle call me gentle.






Written by Chaka PX

I know everything you didn’t say

Boss I know,

What you crave in darkness,

I know when you force her pants down.

Boss I know,

The sacrifice you made in silence,

who will define the moment of pain,

I know how it hurt with threat.

Don’t stop it, keep going.

Boss i Know

the blood spilled to erect foundations,

Tell me to keep it shut.

I know who to blame, for your failure and stuffs.

Boss I think you know that i Know

your journey to the grave is near.

Boss I Know……….And you know.





Written by Chaka PX

My Street and I

                 We bonded in knowledge of good and evil,

Dressing in formality of our speeches.

       I crave a happy ending with default foundations,

All there is my joy in sorrow of hard work.

            We reap where it was never sown,

I create nuisance even when necessary

   We own the street and drives its judgement.

No contention with my ability,

i look right and left and do the worst.

         I am born with readiness to all there is to take life,

The Tout Delight justice to the unjust,

Vineyard with no grapes.

I work hard and live on little,

        so help us the street.





Written By Chaka PX

Child of Fire, Destitute choice

at the corner, for crumps to fall,

Who to judge, my arm at length.

Mercy i pray thee

Day by day my heart is circumcised

with vulnerability, who to help?

Please sir, please Ma, help the needy

I wish it will fall

                  Who owns it really…….

Pity all the time,

Alms don’t drop on fallen fingers

you give, i give,

                no contamination.

the beggars alms with superstition

    How many would i get?

The gold coin are expensive

 to taste.

Help the needy, help the poor.





Written by Chaka PX

Enclosed with forgone memory,

trampled with shame and past glory.

It was the talk of history once, merry to its lovers,

Now the dirt has grown a town of disgrace for view.

Miles and miles away, its glory was told,

the speed, its accuracy was designed with glamour,

Pitch dirt, pitch dirt, she was called before she looks.

Oh past glory to PITCH DIRT.





Written by Chaka PX

I feel left out to life,

recent knowledge gave no warning to outdated culture.

Wisdom is replaced with certain gadget,

Do you believe?

I feel left out, when i have no social network.

I feel left out, when i tried to write letter with a pen.

I feel left out, when i dress the old fashion way,

i feel left out, when i tried to belong.

I feel left out, when am left out.

Who can feel me in, i feel left out.