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Written by Chaka PX Oh! yes i touched her my hands pleasure to te right side           of mental climax, She resisted at first          but i did touched her. The connection with stroke of movement we bonded and i touched her.          Indeed i touched her not the physical but mentally     to the … Continue reading I TOUCHED HER



Written by Chaka PX My Face decorate my worst pride......... Am scared of not being the light, I am too gentle for dead to be a victim Lets be calm, my mind is the devil. Night is my delight, i work through it. Call me the gentle though my horror was well known. I design … Continue reading TOO GENTLE


Written by Chaka PX My Street and I                  We bonded in knowledge of good and evil, Dressing in formality of our speeches.        I crave a happy ending with default foundations, All there is my joy in sorrow of hard work.             We reap where it was never sown, I create nuisance even when … Continue reading THE TOUT DELIGHT