Written by Chaka PX What is? Straight, long, short, fat, good, bad, What is? Creation annihilation, purchase of rights, Who is? The cause of justice and crime, There is, at the moment not a thing, Where is? Word is bound on edgy calling, deep lite fate. What is, who is and where is? Let's focused... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX Wrong hands leads wrong path, Theory of concern, run it up, Train them and fend for them, Careful to run when walk is needed. Hi there be silent, its a seed, Growth inevitable, teach them. Wise and wisdom, flows in constant, Seldom by contrast, which is you. I propose to teach... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Not along always aright, Were ever the weather, Bad In Taste and speeches unite. The world gamer, secret endanger Best thighs mission, my buddy. Fight the world and laugh our mistakes, My buddy where I go you goes Gods on course, the world begin, Set loose the Moments of truth, A... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Of stories foretold, Night couldn't bare my thought, Thoughtful and sorrowful the bed holds the glory. Eyes lids with restless witness, I cry my brains out, story lines on equals, Drift and let me brace the joy of the night. Envisioned with old motion delay, Let the wrath of unsleep brace... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Visual stories laid above, For eyes she see all its dawn, Hidden from pale sight, don't agree, She will let you down. Naked bulge and visible, She see's the invisible, never awe, Don't underestimate those eyes, It drawn without comfort and heal in conflict, Let the tears wash your existence. So... Continue Reading →

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