A Day with Laura Benard written by Chaka PX A Day with Miss Laura Benard an Entrepreneur and an Event planner who is willing to inspire all people coming through the line work. Miss Laura Benard studied Science Laboratory technology at NVRI but she is currently working with Silk Ushers Event. An event planning company... Continue Reading →



LET THE VIEW CARESS YOU.... WELCOME TO SILK USHERING EVENT....... FRESH WORK YOU CAN'T RESIST. WE OFFER THE BEST.... Silk Ushering Event is an event codination specialized in Event Management/Planning  Such as: Decoration Catering Service Makeup and gele service Ushering Service Photography and clothing line. for all event be it Bridal shower, Birthday party, Wedding,... Continue Reading →

The president comended his deputy for his performance. The post Why Osinbajo is performing well — Buhari appeared was featured on #topomzblog via Why Osinbajo is performing well — Buhari — Premium Times Nigeria

‘Why I Returned To Nigeria’ – Tiwa Savage

This week ‘African Voices’ meets one of Nigeria’s biggest stars, Tiwa Savage, whose vocal talents have taken her from humble roots in a church choir to singing in Los Angeles with some of the industry’s biggest stars. Tiwa Savage Reveals Why She Returned To Nigeria To CNN’s ‘African Voices’The programme reports from Lagos, where ‘African… #topomzblog.wordpress.com... Continue Reading →


Nigeria is ready; it is just a matter of proper planning. The people who are going to vote in diaspora are Nigerians. Once they are registered in our embassies and high commissions abroad, they should be captured in our electoral process to exercise their franchise. It is just that some people have labelled Nigeria a… Visit... Continue Reading →

The police said the doctors’ action was too harsh. The post Doctors threaten not to treat Nigerian police officers, their families is featured on topomzblog.wordpress.com via Doctors threaten not to treat Nigerian police officers, their families — Premium Times Nigeria

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