Written by Chaka Px MY mind fornicate       The lust of the lost its practical, I calculate. My mind think, i embrace its out come, we are one, lets mind up till success shows up.        Where is my mind?                Am i Crazy?                      Who am I? Answer me, the comforter, I can't Loose … Continue reading THE POET CRY



Written by Chaka Px I am hurt, please hurt me I can't run please hurt me, what was my fault? that you hurt me. I need pain, i need pain Please hurt me, i need pain. draining of myself in hurt, please hurt m. Do it like you use to before,    I wont tell … Continue reading HURT ME


Written by Chaka PX Condolence to all the dead still living,           We ain't stiff but alive. I saw the cadaver, don't tell them about it.      is it fresh, despite its a day old. My condolence to ignorance and laziness,          the stories for the past wishful thoughts. Rigamortis a state of wastefulness for … Continue reading RIGAMORTIS