Written by Chaka PX

Once i rise over the delicacy of peoples thought,

I was told to obey and it turned to use,

I laced my face to face my judgement.

Yes it’s Me, i was once blind,

do i see or do i just Ignore?

I felt compelled to walk like zombies,

to search and destroy what is left of good.

I am used as a machine to end the dangerous

love affair of the dark and light we cannot see.

Do not compel me to leave my color

to favor what is built for destruction.

Do not compel me to compel the infant in mind.

I was once compelled to let go of my trust in humanity,

I was compelled to uncover the Mystery of love.

Do not compel me again.






Written by Chaka PX

I was alive and strong, the only brave warrior of my life,

full of life to the brim, i intimidated the dead back to life.

       Who dare speak when i passed by,

My shadow are far terror than i am, so i walk in the shadows.

I was called the ‘I AM’ through the sound of my voice.

        Then one day i met my match,

not of statue or of strength, neither of built nor of honour,

but of swift.

I desired a rematch to introduce my confidence

but i lost the contest and was mocked,

My shame is louder than an empty vessel.

    Oh! how i draw back in solitude and dismay

Who to Help me?

I left and feed on my agony.

Awaken oh you giant, your life need you, you tamed,

 the duty call is now, Arise and reclaim your Pride.

The rematch has been set, fight for your existence.






Written by Chaka PX

Six feet the placard pointed,

the journey id not for the swift,

in fact it’s unannounced.

We struggle to stay dead, the living are sleeping.

What lies down there, do bone exist?

Darkness, absolute Darkness

We walk around like the undead,

craving the flesh of the weak.

We journey to survive, running the race of the monsters,

transforming our daily opportunity to advantage.

Are we dead or are we the undead?

either way we left the gift pursuing what is unnatural.

ARE WE DEAD OR ALIVE……….Ask yourselves.





Written by Chaka PX

Big hole to see through,

point but do not speak.

I am no Judge,

Call me George not of the jungle,

and don’t patronize me.

I ain’t no saint, i have a past,

the puzzle of life shows my wrongs.

who to judge, hit the battened.

I am once of the jungle, no rules but survice

i kill to live, live to leave,

for leafs are to fall,

Judge my rights and pain

pin my fears to the wall

do not judge my past

embrace my days ahead.






Written by Chaka PX

I know everything you didn’t say

Boss I know,

What you crave in darkness,

I know when you force her pants down.

Boss I know,

The sacrifice you made in silence,

who will define the moment of pain,

I know how it hurt with threat.

Don’t stop it, keep going.

Boss i Know

the blood spilled to erect foundations,

Tell me to keep it shut.

I know who to blame, for your failure and stuffs.

Boss I think you know that i Know

your journey to the grave is near.

Boss I Know……….And you know.





Written by Chaka Px

Wide open we try to communicate, to what purpose

I am silent, you conceal it,

not to zip my effort, to what purpose,

Lets talk, my people, Lets talk,

Lets talk my shadow, lets talk,

I crave your indulgence, i speak inward

No approval to its destination, who do i call?

Embrace the journey, for the best weapon, Lets talk.

Lets talk my people, lets talk

Lets talk my shadow lets talk.






Shrine at the Sacred Forest, Oshogbo, Nigeria, West Africa

Written by Chaka PX

Charms and stubbornness, are like vodka and lime

whats the wrong odd,

Beautiful creation in believes, makes the pride,

the holding of hands in  solitude to love,

i hate to break it to you, who are you

not to know the truth.

Deny me and i will grow old forever

Held captive in once act, where is the love to brotherhood,

don’t leave me to drown, i am suffocating with loss.

Charm my way into the light, i see the light.