Written by Chaka-px

Is it Just the Temper?

on the wrong side of bed we call it,

But is it true?

Natural disaster future fortell

Adjustment during hard times.

Pain we thought we feel

but anxiety the crowd of life.

No space for the thought to feel,

who to help with it.

Trouble, also turbulent, Challenges

Favour unaccounted for.

Dismissed times are hard, trouble takes over.

Oh! our companion, trouble indeed,

Turbulent times un-denied.




Written by Chaka-px

Rolling we held hands as s bond,

no nut on-turned.

friendship as brothers or sisters,

memories crosses past.

we settle our differences in ways path.

What Happened?

Just rumours or over grown.

Hated and resented,

we fought with all we had and even look stupid at it.

Now we were more than grown,

no room for resentment,

but nut re-tied.

Kudos to our Friendship.





Written by Chaka-PX

Who exactly deserve that?

While proceeding for an interview, i received a thumbs up from some one coming out.

I was like What tha….F, But my mind caught his reaction.

Wasn’t it funny, to frown and give a thumbs up.

i felt a heart drop at that.

What a friendly act, to ruin my chase.

Thumbs up, for a friend,

Thumbs down, for a friend.

don’t let it bother you feelings.


YOLO(You Only Live Once)


Written by Omzblog

We can’t live for ourselves, it doesn’t work like that, at least not from the perspective of getting the most out of life. we need to be for others. we need reasons rooted in emotions to become better men/women and win. (YOLO)

I failed because i forgot that this isn’t about me. its about you. my folks, my God, Honoring the lot you by living life as a good man, an ambitious man. a man who knows he’s dying daily but then realized all this were mere imaginations.

A man have to die just once (YOLO) but a foolish and fish hearted man can die a million times in a million ways in one day.

Let your mindset be your struggle.




Written by Pino-X

What if the answer was no?

Should i ask again?

May be its not Loud enough,

Where do Imagination and Thought come together?

Fair enough, truly it was a no,

I wouldn’t let that bring me down.

Fair Better, Try Safer, more clever.

I wish you all the Best.