Written by Chaka Px

Striped of all the glory

he walked into the room unclad

to reminiscence of his utterance before no one.

He is either yet to be dressed or it has been taken from him,

the coup of spiritual forces.

His dreams were to liberate the subject

But he was undressed.

The speech has been reharsed a thousand times,

yet it was flushed down the drain with vomit.

    The undressed pope yet before noiseless crowd of his mirror,

    Imagine his appearance to the disapproval of his religion.

    “Dress my shame” he uttered

The applaud of his subject brought him back,

imaginations are major deal of focus.

    Left behind his weakness

         with multitude to view.

               The Undressed Pope,

       Is yet to be dressed.







Written by Chaka PX

My Face decorate my worst pride………

Am scared of not being the light,

I am too gentle for dead to be a victim

Lets be calm, my mind is the devil.

Night is my delight, i work through it.

Call me the gentle though my horror was well known.

I design my menu to me to tag innocent,

I am still gentle, don’t underrate me,

My Silence can ruin human existence, Call me gentle.

I am dead gentle for does who cares,

I re-write my gentleness with passion to arrogance, don’t hate my existance.

I am too gentle to be called gentle,

focus on my appearance, its mind blowing

I am gentle call me gentle.





Written by Chaka Px

The pathway uncompleted for the less constructive height,

just like the broken communication,

I trace my path to the climax,

yet orgies deprive the pleasure of its peak.

       Sunset reveals its default.

                Why broken?

I need my steps, my way upward.

Just like the journey of the first watch,

Trading on the lions mouth, we can hardly miss a step.

    i need to get up there, you broken platform.

I see the light in my path, climb with me,

the broken the struggle, lacing my feet

to a latch to move.

this is my acsension



Jean and Jack


By Jonny Booker She looked like she’d been a prized greyhound in another life. She used the word “need” when ordering food at a restaurant. She’d married someone who was afraid no one would marry him; who was brilliant and shy and not even homely, and who blossomed with age. Together, they wrinkled, and the […]

via Jean and Jack —

I decide to re-post this because i find it very interesting,





Written by Chaka Px

The untold forces in desires of idleness

      I cross the path of absolute nothingness,

the dawn crawl slowly into the heart of all men,

     The fright of unnatural things causes my passion

‘Oh! you dawn crept in snail like”

I crave you indulgence, press my heart in questions.

   Natural Darkness the rest of all men kind

the evil fly with no hiding place, yes you are meant for that,

that why you are separated.

       the dark we spoke, the plight we wrote,

    we fly we quote, don’t create less you choke.

 The Natural darkness identify of unrighteousness

the beauty of existence, cover it all.

Swallow it all, consume it all

        The Natural Darkness






Written by Chaka PX

Two apart in one spirit,

comfort zone, i have lost it

          Trying to keep the pace of my shadows alike

Double mindedness hunting my existance

Should i go right or do i dodge left?

        Questions ranging in battle of human race

I can’t sleep when am lost

     Where am i, in my decision,

Who comes first? who do i embrace.

     Double thought on both rights

Which is needed on spot.

        Let me see my fate on my mind.

The forces of ideas i left my mind blank,

but the battle line was drawn, facing each other in

exchange of moves, the ancient battle, two opponent

collide together to get a success.

My mind battle to achieve two idea at the same time.

Let me see the light.

Pick one.





Written by Chaka PX

“Choose” So it was announced.

      On this night let the moon disgrace its subject,

the complexity of dignity sold in the hands of slaves,

A random night unmarked exposes the birth of,

freedom without labour.

      the liberation of the untouched in climax

Learning what the fathers gave up to grow their words.

it is on the random night when darkness was

stolen away by the courageous and melted by the

    homeless soldier saving his last bullet to the grave.

The random night in revelation of guts & glory

they were once in cage to be viewed by animals.

      On this Random night the salves dressed as masters,

the world get the change.

Pick a day and call it Random

   Thrust its existence, the Random night.