Written by Chaka PX Once upon a moment, Characters written and read, With promises to be elect, I just saw, Amazing power under the sun, who that is? Scroll to believe, don't judge to receive. By power its feelings revealed, take more. Words beyond imagination, sight of valour and aching pleasure, Mind of priests and... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX Too noisy i won't go out, Threat of life and dead, This not my image, I cant endure. Way ward to drive the fake living, My fate jumps in the shadow of my steps, I hold on to the steps to climbed, Only memory to the future, alone I come, There... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX The dream of long ago, Wishes of minds attraction, No were to move, eat not to you, Laws of attraction, universe in shame. How did we grow? We have gave n much weight so soon, Not distinct features, who to look after? We barely knows the ground, universe complains. Darling is... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Adorn the most insight, Of great wealth, power beyond, I commune with shares and power, We are here long before we are here. I noticed the face of reality, endure the core, Were are power, reason big. Culture to heritage, the richest to the poorest, Bound by believes, we are here.... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Its amazing, that's the maze in, We rate the Mason, not the mess in, Its creature and fire, drop the fire, I fell the drop of fleet, the sea reject. Who owns it, not I, feel free. Its amazing, am a mason, breathe the maze in. #simple #topomzblog


Written by Chaka PX Although we were thought different, I learnt on my own. Judge to tell, and tell to not judge, Pain and thirst we long for, Power of thinking, result is blitz, Own up and take responsibility, Power of success. She is fierce and satisfying, Making the tide wash the current, Play it... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Decision the mother of power, Who understand the right path, We live double and act single, I am innocent, we scream out loud. Wolves in sheep clothing, my passion. Fenced droppings, Lead to caged ambition, Desire to stand alone not along, I am for everyone and I am for no one.... Continue Reading →

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