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Written by Chaka PX No flesh on thought Miracles or no miracles i'll     the Past is Devil spelled from behind           curiousity and edgy fingers keeps the real. Lets brain sack, to discern the horizen.    Who is Jack?             Not black but the real jack? Existance to base with conflict    Mistress in … Continue reading WHO IS JACK?



Written by Chaka Px My truth i mention, clean and holy not to easy, i crave pure and stainless days but flesh is involved. All they want I detest,    I can't give in           I must not give in........... Who would not demand       let go of me.... I am not me anymore, deep … Continue reading FLESH OFF


Written by Chaka PX Difference with much Difference     leaving the effernce of existance        the Diff rejoice in ence of essence             New thought defines lost hope.   What is Jubilation without achievement?       What is done is done.              so said the old man.      Can we forget the difference                        We celebrated? … Continue reading DIFFERENCE