Written by Chaka PX Spirit being, we are more alike, The animal in us get sheltered, Faced with caged like barriers, Non-the-less we are half man, half amazing. Look within for trials, Look within for symptoms, Some are lions, other tortoise, Above all be scared of hayena. Feel cool about yourself, Don't look down on... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX They say once u get shot, you don't hear the sound, There I was lying in the pool of my blood, One hand over my chest, the other on the floor, Coughing slowly towards my last breath, Oh men, this is a worst case scenario, Let's just rewind to the middle.... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Soul: Imperial mortals with thought, Glamour and fist glory, Subconscious living and imperfections, Get lost in it. Spirit: Soar if attention of wind, The loudest and yet the peaceful, The connection to eternals, It's safe is it? All road leads within, The unseen battles of bravery, The clearance of injustice, Fight... Continue Reading →


Don’t look for me I won’t look for you.thief. Forever contempt to take, I whispers daring the contest of loot, It's all I have gather, just look, Come once, I shall likely play the flute. #topomzblog #loudmouth


Written by Chaka PX Rules or no rules your first move is failure, Greed needs protection, Up to no good to move forward, I know the cost of deception, This game is the game of first moves, One step to freedom, Can you do that? Let's begin. Any question? #topomzblog #loudmouth


Shield my eyes,mute my voice,walk through lifewith no choice.Missing homethough still there,this new worldseems unfair. People seemextra cold,many tryto fit molds.Inventingquiet rules,silent thoughtscan feel cruel. Draw my lightfrom inside,spread kindnessout world wide.Wear a smileon my face,replicates,fills with grace. Look around,sing and walk,positivewhen I talk.Inner lovesoon reflects,all the joyI project. – Grace Y. Estevez – ReddyContribute

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