Written by Chaka PX The slain lits, Drifting in cold pasture Behind forces of unconscious thought, Eyes of magnifying mirrors, I see myself drunk. Back to knees of mercies, Hat pain resounds in warning, My cup is almost full, Judgement awaits. I see, I can't see, My warmth is careful in darkness, Break free of... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX I knew the light through darkness, Spontaneous gift of subconsciousness, I wasn't sure, who was right, Least I forget I claim on my words. Cleans me inside out, Let me believe I have stains, Dust my unclear dirtiness, I am filthy, yet loved. Crying with tears is hurtful, Chase not my... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Speak up such whispers, Empty and sad Nun Maria took illl, Curse of darkness within, Possession of lost unloosed souls. "move out" torments are real. Straight long hallway without light, The Breath is lost, Only to regain sight. She torments the convent, Her walks is famous, Pray Anna Maria, pray, Let... Continue Reading →

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