Written by Chaka PX

“hi, everyone, I am Mitch”

“hello Mitch”

It’s started three years ago,

When the road doesn’t feel like the road again,

Left alone in the dark,

Companion of voices around,

They drunk the soul of my virgin mind,

Nothing but confusion when they all speak.

Rescued but yet abandoned,

Nothing seems right with light,

The forging freedom seems the bigger cage,

Peace when the voices came.

I was back again, the dark is bed,

Silence the message to the voices,

“hello Mitch” the voices makes me shiver,

Who could guess my darkness.

Now saved but agitated,

I missed my past,

But i long for tomorrow,

Yet the voices are in the present.

Who is like me, speak now,

Darkness is addiction,

All nice and comfy, what comes next?

Oh my God, I am back again.

Heal me from darkness,

Say be gone to my voices.

I am Mitch, thank you.



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