Written by Chaka PX No sight, Insight and Foresight,      The power of tommorrow The chain of ideas piled up in grassroots.               waiting to be tilted in production. The all sight of opportunity, for the nearest feature is possible,                   The delight to amass wealth. We create Platform to journey a safe landing, path... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX My Street and I                  We bonded in knowledge of good and evil, Dressing in formality of our speeches.        I crave a happy ending with default foundations, All there is my joy in sorrow of hard work.             We reap where it was never sown, I create nuisance even when... Continue Reading →


Written By Chaka PX Child of Fire, Destitute choice at the corner, for crumps to fall, Who to judge, my arm at length. Mercy i pray thee Day by day my heart is circumcised with vulnerability, who to help? Please sir, please Ma, help the needy I wish it will fall                   Who owns it... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Delusional and unprotected, i run with thoughts and ideas, craving the idea of once imaginations My mad mind kills without weapons. my world my problem, build without structures. Am the king, am the subject Reign on Me. my mad mind crazy and milanchuly for the tear down madly my mind teach... Continue Reading →

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