Written by Chaka PX Growing up i thought birth marks comes naturally, Until i saw the deep scar. What do i call that? A reminder right? IT has healed but still hurts. my thought went through my eyes, I hate the sight of it. I wont discuss it, stop talking to me. My mark my... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX I ate in the dream, Is it real, is it fake Who cares if its not, but one thing is for real, it sure is a messed up issue. I Just ate in my dream. Dose it hurt? #topomzblog      


Written by Chaka PX I feel left out to life, recent knowledge gave no warning to outdated culture. Wisdom is replaced with certain gadget, Do you believe? I feel left out, when i have no social network. I feel left out, when i tried to write letter with a pen. I feel left out, when... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka Px Am sorry.... Am sorry i kept you waiting, Am sorry, i didn't believe you, Am sorry i left you stranded, Am sorry you had to see this, Am sorry my effort was less, Am sorry i hide my feelings, Am so sorry i wasn't the man, Am sorry i failed you.... Continue Reading →


STAY FOCUS Written by Chaka Px My mind descends of wild imaginations, Who can tell? Enraged, Deranged, Challenged and Unchained, Drifting mind coyotes darting tongue. Confused that directions are not needed. In emotional pain because mind are hurting. Where do i go? Its difficult to sit without tapping the feet, difficult for the heart to... Continue Reading →

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