Written by Chaka PX

I came home dancing in fear,

my conscience my alarm,

i have left a big hole uncovered,

She was in there and didn’t say a word.

I am sorry…. i spelt it out.

yet she was silent.

My fear weigh like a stone,

When her things were neatly packed.

I tried to apologize but she went ahead

and leave.

I was broken until i saw the note,

on the table, i laugh myself out.

Silence can kill…






Written by Chaka PX

She runs more than she can talk,

i tried to reason with her,

but she she throw it in my face.

I kept my closure to her feelings,

but she throw it back to my face.

I acted though and strong,

still she resented my face.

i tried to kiss her in pain

but it comes back to my face,

how can one be so cruel and heartless,

all i got was in my face.

i wrote her a poem and bought cake on her birthday

i guess it all ended in my face.

Let see what has my face not taken,

Oh that also ended on my very face.

But now that her madness is down,

I throw it back to her face.