IMG-20170623-WA0007 A Day with Laura Benard written by Chaka PX

A Day with Miss Laura Benard an Entrepreneur and an Event planner who is willing to inspire all people coming through the line work.

Miss Laura Benard studied Science Laboratory technology at NVRI but she is currently working with Silk Ushers Event. An event planning company set to give an happy ending to peoples events.

Miss Laura Benard took to event planning even before she finalized her course at NVRI, Because she said “I LOVE SEEING PEOPLE HAPPY”

She believes in creating a lasting memory in peoples mind, One memory to hold on. She also said that “When People tend to be sad, they search through for happy memory or moment to bring them back to track” and that will be where she steps in, to beautify and set a sparkling memory to an event.

We went ahead to ask her some question about her life like.

  • How was your life growing up?

life growing up was a bit challenging because i was raised by my Mom alone, but in other way it thought how to take care of people and brought out the woman in me.

  • What really Inspire you?

As i said Earlier, i loving it when people are happy, lets say happy ending gets to me and makes me do more.


  • What are the Challenges in your line of work

Well, there are many challenges in life not only the work, just like the Economy, it affect people a lot, they want the best but can’t afford it, others are natural stuffs.

  • What about competitions, do you have any?

Well life is also a competition, Yes i do have them, but i keep my relationship straight with people and give them memorable moment, that always bring them and their friends back for more.

  • What about your personal life?

Its Intact, as much as i want people to be happy, i always keep myself happy and smiling as well.


  • What else do you do?

All i do was in line with Making people happy, first i do gele tie and also sell accessories for both male and female and i do surprises for people, for birthday or engagement or honeymoon.

IMG-20170623-WA0003 IMG-20170623-WA0001

Event and accessories makes people happy, so am in there to make people happy.

  • What final words do you have for people, who are to venture into this line of business.

First, I’ll tell them to believe and invest  in themselves, when you spend to train yourself people will pay for what you have to offer. Every one have talent and its up to us to discover it, Stay focus and be yourself.

This is a day with Miss Laura Benard and event planner, Who loves seeing people happy, so to be happy with your engagements of any kind call on Miss Laura to make a lasting memory.

You can reach her on

Facebook: Laura Benard

Phone: +2348175655900



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