Archive | June 11, 2017



Written by Chaka-px

Rolling we held hands as s bond,

no nut on-turned.

friendship as brothers or sisters,

memories crosses past.

we settle our differences in ways path.

What Happened?

Just rumours or over grown.

Hated and resented,

we fought with all we had and even look stupid at it.

Now we were more than grown,

no room for resentment,

but nut re-tied.

Kudos to our Friendship.





Written by Chaka-PX

Who exactly deserve that?

While proceeding for an interview, i received a thumbs up from some one coming out.

I was like What tha….F, But my mind caught his reaction.

Wasn’t it funny, to frown and give a thumbs up.

i felt a heart drop at that.

What a friendly act, to ruin my chase.

Thumbs up, for a friend,

Thumbs down, for a friend.

don’t let it bother you feelings.