Written by Pino-x

Last week i saw my girlfriend and a guy she told me it was her cousin Kissing around a corner, I started thinking to myself, What do i make of this?

Is she lying to me or is that incest?

All i wanted to do was apprehend them but on a second thought, i let it go.

There she came to my house in the evening with all the bullshit lies, i always received.

Who is the best deceiver Male or Female?

This is the very girl, that cried the last time i saw her in someones arm, promising that it will never happen. I asked a friend what will you do, when you caught your girlfriend kissing with someone other than yourself.

His respond really send me out of his place. in his words ” i will kill them both” i quickly ran out, that is beyond my reach, i haven’t given birth to anyone, how can i take a life because of that?.

Someone heard me and told me, that i don’t truly love the girl, if not i would do more than that, What is wrong with the people of this generation.

Cheating is now a food to eat, believe me you, someone cannot feed but can afford a side chick.


Lets give it a break, stop hurting yourself for nothing.

still open for suggestion, What do i do?



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