Written by Pino-x

The silence in the car became unbearable, as we drive, all could picture was Her Nice behind, but to avoid the story that touched i snapped out of it.

“Dad, how was the seminar, you must be tired to be quiet”

“yes Son, i am, i couldn’t sleep last night”

“Oh sorry, Mom How about you?”

“Am just fine son” I turned and our eyes met, i quickly look away, her eyes were radiant and golden unlike i saw before.

“Yes son, that reminds me, She will be staying with us” my Dad broke the silence

“Oh no sir, i will prefer a hotel, don’t stress sir” Her voice was none that i have heard before.

“are you sure, we have and extra room” He said

“Thank, i will just stay in the hotel”

“Ok, but my son is available, he can take you around while you are still here” I think she like the idea, she turned and smile to me. My heart beat hasty, probably thinking nasty already.

In no time, we were in the city of Jos, few traffics coming back, so we drove straight to Jossy Royal hotel, and help her settle and even exchange numbers before taking my parent back home.

Ten o’clock the next morning, i was having my breakfast when a call came in

“Hay, Morning” i said

“good morning” how was did you sleep?” she asked

“it was quite a night” i told her because, i had a night mare,

“Ok, I was wandering if you’d give me a ride to town”

“Do i have a choice” i was being sarcastic, ” i will be there in few” i end ed the call and rushed my breakfast and left the house.

I was at the hotel, parked and went to the lobby and called her but she asked me to come up, i followed the stairs and was in front of the door before i could knock the door flung open, looks like i was the one dressed, because she was still in her pyjamas.

“Good Morning”

“Morning, i thought we are going out now”

“Well i thought we could get to know ourselves before i get dressed” i started to suspect something fishy about her, truly i don’t even know her name.

“We can start with the name”

“Oh” she laughed and went into the bathroom and on the tap and came back.

i took the remote and tune into a musical channel, while she undressed right infront of me, i pretend to be watching the television but my trouser was protruding right under me, she was damn beautiful. she walk slowly and turn right before she entered to see if i was looking at her but eventually went in when she realize i wasn’t.

“You are a strong man”

“Yea how so?” i asked, she just laughed.

after about thirty minute she was back, the way she went in, with the towel in her hand, she came in front of me and dried herself, in my mind she was on top doing all the work, when i realize i would ruin my self i used my hand to shove her aside, she smiled and cover up herself.




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