fear Do not be Afraid.

Written by Pino-x

How curious is the mind of the intellectual?

They say the desire to learn, is the ability to grow. But the burning questions one keep asking are beyond our vocal intelligence.

“Goodnight” i said to them all, although it was in me to sleep early, but i went to bed.

i made sure i was in the spare room alone, my mind was full of uneasy questions, i yearn to be answered. Most times i think myself a fool to ask such, but that wouldn’t stop the curiosity.

In my mind there is an imaginary friend, which communicate me, and actually keeps me company, most of my anxiety, come to normalizes when we interact, i guess i am my own self.

the transcendence of my mind into itself, gave me another meaning to life, the moment i kept quiet to my friend, i was no where to be found, all i could see was darkness, absolute darkness.

“Mr Rabbit” i called for my friend but heard my words echo back to me, then i no, i am in another place.

My mind was in a place but my feet was moving, i had no idea where i was going since no direction, i kept at it until

“Sam, Wake up, it morning” my brother woke me up.




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