Written by PIno-x

So on this very Tuesday Morning, i wake up as early as possible, not because i have something to do, but because i have nothing to do.

i thought i had something to help myself, i search through my clothes for any mistake left behind but i was disappointed.

“Oh God, Who go give me money” i said to myself

I quickly recall the drama that happen the previous day, the landlord had visited me with eviction letter although i saw him from afar and quickly do a smart man moves, there was this short wall behind, i quickly leap over and heard all the complain he gave my neighbor.

i just knew he come around this morning and wouldn’t want any chances, i quickly got dressed and dashed out of the house.

I started walking aimlessly, no direction, i was confused with an empty stomach, suddenly up ahead the breeze blew something, it flew and flew then eventually landed.

“Wow, A miracle” i said to myself, and  started towards the notes.

I was seriously reminiscing what i would do with it, not knowing it was a contest, when i got there, i realize there were four hands holding the note.




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