Written by Pino-X

“Don’t be rude to me” she shouted, the first time we met.

I was been sarcastic, while i was sitting by her side on the bus, i took every day to my daily routine.

That day was one of my lucky day, since i started taking that bus, it felt like i was being punished with grumpy old men or lousy children as seat mate. there was one old man he was snoring and talking at the same time, i felt my ear would reap out.

“Stop” i was running to catch it, luckily the driver saw me from the side mirror and stopped.

“Thank you sir” i panted when i entered the bus. Every where appears full and some were stand as well.

“Ah i missed it” i said to myself. i held on the rail on the bus and was looking around, mostly to the spot i never missed until today. There at my seat was a damsel, very pretty, fair in complexion, her hair was natural just the way i like it, her was down she must have been reading or playing with her phone, but what interest me the more was, the emptiness be her side. I was asking myself a question “Why haven’t any of these men standing sit beside her” Well i didn’t give and answer but i just wanted to seat down.

“Excuse me” i walk through the people standing to that very spot. correctly i was she was reading a book, “Excuse me” Her head was still down “Excuse me” i called again and there her head came up, i felt my eyes pushing out if its socket, she was just pretty, she was beautiful, her eyes were perfectly intact and with no make up except the brow. “Is this seat taken” She nodded and continue on her book.

Well that was my chance, i sat down beside her and look up, just in time to catch the eyes of all the people standing staring at me. I could guess what they were thinking but i ignore them and proceed to peep through what she was reading.

“sorry is that a novel?” she barely raised her head but nodded, there i knew i could strike a conversation with her. “How can you concentrate reading in a place like this?”

“well by minding my business”

“I can see you minding your business quite well” I replied

“Don’t be rude to me” she said

“Oh no, i don’t mean to be rude, Am Sam” i stretched my hand

“Am Cynthia”

“Nice to meet you Cynthia, do you mind i see the cover”

“Sure” lo and behold, it was mine.

“Nice book, is it interesting?” i asked to get a view.

“Yea, it is” she closed the book and held it from the end cover at top, there my picture, staring into her face, i quickly turned looking away, while her eyes wandered around and finally settled on it.

“OH my God” She screamed….

To Be Continued.



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