Written by Pino-X What if the answer was no? Should i ask again? May be its not Loud enough, Where do Imagination and Thought come together? Fair enough, truly it was a no, I wouldn't let that bring me down. Fair Better, Try Safer, more clever. I wish you all the Best. #topomzblog



Written by Pino-x She said it out What did she say? She just said it, I don't believe it, but she said it. Understand me She is saying it, What exactly did she say? Who knows, she has said it. Just listen to her She might be saying it. #topomzblog


Written by Pino-x Feeble mind on written, created or invented, for i saw the weak ahead, drained of words to live. who is foolish should go to the ant, crawl before you learn to walk in the shadow of yourself. to the brave, we understand emptiness, with loud noise comes the drop of water knowledge... Continue Reading →

Dark Of Darkness

Written by Pino-x Restless come feet aching mind controlling time bomb off the light goes on description. Where to step on? As thick as cloud, i could not see smelled like wind unrefined What do i see? my eyes are shape-shifting i could touch its wall with boundries I am lost to myself Blindfolded without... Continue Reading →


Written by Pino-x Sweet Sweet, Sweet Sweet, Like jelly jello, words taste like wild honey, oh its true, not a doubt. sends forth to convience looks beyond ordinary. I almost lost it, I robotized without control, focus on points of no return. well spoken with vigour drained the passion of liquor, Acted on believe of... Continue Reading →


Written by Pino-x So it is said and done words reverse in melancholy drawn to the very board it, originates. Who's reserve, let him speak, Who's perverse, let him keep shut. No longer in play, we substituted for invention. Oh! Communication, thou has faileth thyself. So its trampled and negelected, condoned and fixed in a... Continue Reading →

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