“you are going on an errand tomorrow morning”

The massage was passed across as i was about to go to bed the previous night.

All i wanted to do on receiving the news was ‘scream’

my thought went to the busy scheduled i had lined up for myself the next day.

i thought i could sleep early but it wasn’t in me to do that,

even though the place was cold.

i was up trying to create post for the blog.

So many people said i had ‘INSOMIA’ for my inability to sleep,

but some one told me that people of great intellect tends to stay awake at night,

which i hanged on my self.

i thought the cock don’t crow during cold weather,

i must have fallen asleep on a page, at what time i had no idea.

my grand piece screamed 5.30am when i woke up,

said a little prayer and proceeded to the shower,

i turned the tape in ready to get myself cleaned and……….. “Nothing”



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