The Me In Me


The Me In Me –

Poem by Mallika Achuthan Menon

I teased none
As I never practised it.
I hurt nobody
As I knew its agony
I loved none
As all denied me the same.
I failed in believing  others
As betrayal followed me always.
I hated my mind
As it couldn’t hide emotions well.
I forgot to smile
As woes vowed to stay with me.
I lost hope forever
As life turned
its face away from me.
I shut myself from the glory of glee
As I preferred the gloom of melancholy
I am not outspoken by nature
As I found peace in my own cocoon.
I let no one to share or care
As I dared to confide in no one.
I wanted to toss all soft emotions
As they forced me to become malleable.
I was lugged by many hands of failures
As I lost aplomb in life for ever.
I loathed to brim my eyes with tears.
As I wanted to conceal my weakness.
I liked the solitude the most
As it soothed my innerself.
I hated to advise a single one
As it is facile to give
but strenuous to practise.
I really detest the face with sympathy
As no one offered when I needed it.
I forgot to sing sweet melodies
As lilt of my soul died long ago.
I nurtured distaste in each matter
Which may turn as feast for eyes of all
As hues and shades of my flight of fancy
Were erased by fate with no mercy.
I emptied all my hopes and dreams
As both were forms of myths in my mind.
Stood agape when I watched
the me in myself silently.
The negative outlooks
My intimate inmates of intellects
oggled at me time after time
When and how
they made me their slave?
Swayed this query
in front of me.
I wished freedom
an escape from them
To instill new hope,
a pinch of positivity.
Either I may succeed
or they may win over
what will happen next
That I leave to the future.



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