16298834_249098578866791_169719846136871158_n Written by Martin Marc.


This is a matter that has been dragged for long. It has been debated upon by the elite and non-elite, by partisan politicians and non-partisan politicians, by men on the pulpit and those on the pews, by civil servants and public servants, in fact, by both Southern Kaduna people and those not from Southern Kaduna. It has been a matter of real great concerns to almost all (if not all) who know Southern Kaduna.

It has been politicized over and over. It has been taken seriously by some and taken for granted by some. It has been supported by many and opposed by many. Its need has been considered with high and strong regard by many, and has been considered lightly by others. We talk about it now and then, here and there. We think about it in our times of aloneness. Some of us see its possibility, while some others feel/think that it’s not a plausible feat. Some of us believe it’s achievable, whereas some others think we’re nowhere close to achieving it.

Personally, I believe almost everyone (if not everyone) who has shown concerns about this matter, has a reason for whatever position they take on it, and for however they view it. I also believe that those who genuinely love the Southern Kaduna people have good intentions for viewing the matter as they do. And honestly, I don’t think I can go into analyzing these various stands, views, their reasons and their intentions. I confess that I honestly find them truly worth considering. However, I’m not sure the space I have here would be ‘appropriate’ for the volume of writing analyzing those things would bring out. So I choose to present to my advocacy: THAT THE NEED FOR SOUTHERN KADUNA STATE IS NO MORE JUST A MATTER NOW; IT SHOULD BE A MOVE.

Let me begin this way. I’m a Christian. I’m from Southern Kaduna. I’m into theology, philosophy, and history. I like to express my mind, my understandings, my views, my positions, my beliefs, my ideologies, etc, both in writing and in speech. This makes me a writer and a public speaker. I am a Christian because: (1) I believe there is a God who is the sole Creator of the entire universe, together with everything and everyone in it; (2) I believe that this same God desires that everyone should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1TIMOTHY 2:3-5); (3) I believe that this same God is the only One true God; (4) I believe that Jesus Christ is this same One true God; (5) I believe that this same One true God is the God of Christians. As Christian, I also believe that I live for the betterment of my fellow human beings, the development of the society I live in, and ultimately, for the glorification of the One true God that I serve. As a Southern Kaduna man, I believe that I live to make my people proud; never to treat my fellow human beings with contempt, disdain, or dishonor; never to give anyone reasons to look down on me; and never to deprive anyone of their rights. As a writer and public speaker, I believe I am a voice to many people whose cries, pleas, petitions, supplications, appreciations, and praises may never be heard by any mortal being. I believe I am a spokesman for the many who are not properly represented by those they have entrusted their confidence to. I believe I am a warrior/fight on behalf of many whose strength and right to fight have been strangulated in diverse ways. Theology helps me value God, humankind, and other creation of God; Philosophy helps me value knowledge, wisdom and understanding; History helps me value time: past, present, and future. Therefore, I am presenting this advocacy to you in the light of all these I have mentioned about myself.

The need for Southern Kaduna State is a matter that calls for serious and urgent consideration now. In a nutshell, I’m going to highlight reasons for this advocacy of mine:

(1) The marginalization of the Southern Kaduna people has become a slavery – mental, cultural, religious, economic, and political. Slavery is a sin against God, and a crime against humanity. That’s why physical slavery was long abolished.

(2) Southern Kaduna people are very talented, gifted, intelligent, and brilliant people. They are also bold, confident, courageous, and brave people. These qualities have long been misused or underutilized because the Southern Kaduna man is denied the right to lead their own people and govern their land.

(3) The Southern Kaduna is a very rich and fertile land. It is good for agriculture, and the Southern Kaduna people are farmers. We want to have full right over our land so we may explore its riches for greater exploits in life.

(4) The creation of Southern Kaduna State will be a huge plus to Nigeria at large.

(5) If Bayelsa in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria is a state, then Southern Kaduna, by reason of size (both in land mass and in population) is large enough to become a state.

(6) Southern Kaduna people are diverse in tribes, but share very similar cultural backgrounds and predilections. This is good grounds for strong unity. If we were ever disunited, it’s because the Hausa-Fulani people, who have been on the seat of political power, have always worked very hard to ensure that we don’t appreciate ourselves and one another, as Southern Kaduna people. The creation of Southern Kaduna State will surely ensure, harness and foster this unity among us.

(7) Religiously, majority of Southern Kaduna people and settlers are Christians. Creating a Southern Kaduna State will definitely foster freedom of religious belief in Nigeria, since Christianity never uses force on anybody, and never looks down on other religions.

(8) And because majority of us are Christians, we want the One true God to be the God of the Southern Kaduna land, just the case is in Akwa-Ibom State.

(9) We are tired of depending on Plateau State for the radio and television media. We want to have these media houses in our own land, manned by our own people.

(10) We are tired of being treated as outcast in our own land by a Hausa-Fulani Governor. We have given our allegiance to Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai and his predecessors for long. And all the while, the treatments we have received have been very dehumanizing. We want to give our allegiance to our own person. We believe our own person will accord us the respect and honor deserving of human beings.

On a final note, I want to point out that creating a Southern Kaduna State will bring a lasting solution to the mayhems going on in the region. These conflicts, crises, killings, attacks, etc, have been on and off for about three decades. I don’t foresee them coming to an end unless we are separated from these Hausa-Fulani people. We love them. But from the things happening, it’s evident that for many reasons, they are not comfortable just coexisting with us in our own land, they want to obliterate us so we don’t exist any longer. And we, the Southern Kaduna people, love life. We want to live. In fact, we want to live even more than how the Hausa-Fulani people want to live. We value life as a precious gift from God; that’s why we’re not killing them. So, if the Nigerian government believe we have a divine mandate to live here in Nigeria as citizens and indigenes, if the Nigerian government believe we have a constitutional right to live peacefully and happily and productively in our own land, then the Southern Kaduna State needs to be created NOW. So I repeat: THE NEED FOR SOUTHERN KADUNA STATE HAS ALREADY GONE BEYOND A MATTER OF POLITICAL DEBATE; IT IS A CAUSE AND A MOVE THAT WE SHOULD ADVOCATE FOR.

Of course, there is need for me to explain these ten reasons I’ve highlighted here. But given the medium and the space of my expression, I’d rather leave them this way. I also believe there are many other reasons for this move. You, dear reader, have them in you. Please, mention those reasons in your comments. I believe you’re going to pen down your comments here because I believe you believe in this move. The pessimistic mind says it’s not possible; the optimist says it’s very possible; the realist says it’s possible, realizable, and achievable. Hence, according to the Ghanaian Minister of God, the realist believes and acts. It’s time for us to believe and act, thereby making this a MOVE.

God bless you. God bless Southern Kaduna. God bless Nigeria.

Let’s think; Let’s reason; Let’s move for Southern Kaduna State. written by Martin Marc.



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