Who could tell?

Who could perceive? and

Who could Persuade?

Knowledge is power they say, but do we know the true meaning of knowledge?

We all our different perspective of it. i could share with you a paintings like that of below


what is the knowledge in these, may be we all ought to start reading in between the lines. like some one said beauty is not only the eyes of the beholder but also in the hands of the designer. To these school of thought the true definition of knowledge is ONE ANOTHER, its far beyond sitting in a class room as many has depicted.

So what then is knowledge? Time is knowledge, the sun is knowledge, the unseen is knowledge.

To whom is knowledge?   To ONE ANOTHER.

The attribute to knowledge couldn’t be disgusting to the knowledgeable, Now a days to many ambiguous words neither in favor nor against what knowledge is about.

In conclusion if knowledge is not described in ONE ANOTHER try the next person, it might help us grow.

Just some school of thought written by Pino-x



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