A Solitude in the solvency of the crossword

companion not more than unseen figures

words fired from a closed lips.

thought that was an imaginations,

until i came more louder again,

but i was alone in the flickering

sound of the candle light and

my wall version stretched itself

while i was sitting.

it echos one more time and

there i am face to face

with my shadow, talking the beauty to myself.

what do i not understand, the voice of the Passive

and the shadow has just become a part of me.

i enjoyed its conversation

its like me talking to myself with a different mind

i break all rules in the warmth of its embrace.

who is there to love a question we trampled under feet,

shadows are persons too don’t underrate

cos it might just talk back to you.

Pino -X

shadow-in-doorwayWhen it talks don’t RUN. TALK BACK.


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