Graphics with KREED


By their fruits we shall know them. i was privilege to meet an amazing designer, i screamd the first day i saw his works, extraordinary they are, and glamour to the eyes. To the art lovers a gallery without Kreed’s design is not complete.

I had to talk one on one with him to inquire of his secrete to design, He wouldn’t hide but share them, one of which is Nature, his surroundings inspire him, his love for graphics and Sci-fi gave him the passion to commit to his work.

We can deny that when Joy is added to work it appear without flaws, he seems a very happy guy, always at his best and smiling which makes him very jovial and friendly.

Few samples for your views.

KREED CITY Designs the name of his organization has designs a lot for Artists, company’s, Posters and show events. His design has given him the title ‘Face of Designers’ i bet you will want one for your self. KREED is always available for yours with the Motto: Speed and accuracy.

For your Album Art, posters, movie cover, magazines cover, etc. KREED CITY DESIGN is the best option. for more inquiry visit the page. On




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