The Day the Moon Stood still

Restless my heart goes deep down,

i searched to answer the unvoiced question

that got my marrows trembling from within.

out of the window was this bright light,

that i lost track of time, yet the grand piece was running late,

i don’t know who to trust, my heart or the grand piece.

I found myself taking to the voices inside my head,

up to the roof i went and my eyes caught these amazing ball

giving light to the whole earth. it was very beautiful seems nothing to compare to it.

i sat for hours staring at it, it didn’t make a move but yet my grand piece was running ahead.

my eyes grow stronger in curiosity to apprehend the inevitable firmament suspension,

i glued my eyes to the ball that i could hear my unvoiced words echo back to me.

Surprisingly another ball brighter than the light appeared from a distance,

i thought i was going crazy, until i noticed lives on rooftops staring at the same thing,

we were terrified but yet curious, the brighter light rouse higher and higher,

crashing into the previous “THE WORLD HAD COME TO AN END” lives screamed

as it changes its color giving birth to Eclipse.

piece by Pino -X

solar-eclipse 01-queensland-australia-eclipse_61235_600x450.jpg

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