Good Morning, Good afternoon and if we don’t meet Good night,

we exchange pleasantries  as such in my local estate called ‘Compound’ such a character,

it was designed in such a way that all the houses were on the edge, leaving as many space in the middle, big to fit a stadium. our pride acted as if we own the place, until month end where we run like little children at the sound of the Land lord, i guess the fear of the landlord is the beginning of sprint race.

every body was meant to be on his/her own, but the longer we stay together we started acting like brothers and sisters, we fight a times, laugh a times and even gossip a times, yet we ended up in the same compound. when one is caught in the net of eviction we morn as if he/her were dead, because it will never be the same without them, and we also acted strangely to the new comer until the trust is approved, yet its my compound.

the longer you stay the title you receive, ranging from Landlord to caretaker, i am one of the Landlords yet paying rent. the mocking noise of the children in the evening is sometimes enticing or annoying yet its our compound. OH Neighbors what came i say your loving landlord has come up short on his rent and being caught in the net of eviction, do not cry for me, for i will gain my reputation somewhere, till we meet to part no more.

Love Landlord paying rent…..

Short lines by

houses-without-toilets-in-lagos-nigeria        MY NEIGHBOR AND I.


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