To begin with a question, Do you always remember your steps?

What is a step to begin with? many definitions were made about these step, one goes like these: an act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running, most of use are not strangers to the saying “retrace your steps” does it only refer to walking or a way of life.

I just watched a movie titled ‘A Walk to Remember’ all along i thought it was all about love. Do you realize that even love is a walk, the feeling is substituted with all lot of things like squatting, setting or even kneeling, to say we have missed the point of walking in every thing is an understatement. Who will listen to the need to actually start a walk you can remember, but at the end i found out the movie was about faith. Faith, Hope these are walk that one takes and definitely remembers all the steps taken, its a short one but its a need to watch out, a new year have began “No Animal Waka” as a friend will say, take a walk that will be remembered.

a_walk_to_remember_poster   Food for thought. topomzblog.wordpress.com

I employ you to watch it and learn from it.


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