Once upon a time, in a certain village a stranger passed the night he had with him two bags, which became the topic of discussion to the villagers. He was given a room at the chiefs palace because he said he had great news for the village, and so have it that the whole village is called Curiosity, nothing ever sleeps a secret. During the night the chief was restless because the villagers was at his neck to find out what news he had carried. He sent a guard to check on him if he is a sleep and so they found him fast asleep using one of the bag as a head rest but the other was lying on the wall, Since they were all Curious they hurriedly took the bag lying on the wall and dash out to the chief’s palace. the whole village danced at the news of the bag retrieved from the man, the elders were gathered and were all ready to view what the massage was, the messenger tried but could not open the bag “it must have been glued he said” but they encourage him to try again but to no avail. Now the bag had kept their curiosity awake and since its almost dawn they could not returned the bag to the room. Finally it was day break and the man was up and he discovered his bag was missing, he went out to the chiefs palace and told the chief about it but they all denied and ignored the issues. the man went out of the chief palace to the square and shouted “NOTHING IS HIDDEN UNDER THE SUN” and he went his way. the bag went to the habarlist but to no avail and a meeting was summoned at the square when the sun came up and the bag was placed at the center of the square while all deliberations were going on, the glued holding the bag melted and it soon fell open, most of them took to heels but few stayed to see what the massage was. The moral of the story is No matter what happened in secret it must come out and to what they saw in the bag comes later. Stay bless. topomzblog.worpress.com



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