The Queen of Souless Movement.

A Diva on a right path heads for nothing less than greatness, she has proven to be one extraordinary act when it comes to her art.


Yes its no other than the Souless Movement Queen known as COCO the Diva, she was at it yesterday with her Phi-nominal presentation, we must confess she keeps getting better and better each day you listened to her show on 96.1 Ice. fm UJ.

Yesterday marked one year since she has started impacting lives with her broadcast at the 96.1 fm UJ, it was a day to remember for her fans who joined in the excitement of the event, she was at it in the studio of the 96.1 Ice. fm. UJ doing what she does best.15871515_750377018447158_1224502709384279581_n  14138143_680999238718270_5847597675455462666_o

I Bet you all its just the beginning of it, if you missed out yesterday its not too late to always make it a date with the COCO the Diva on every Friday 12.00pm @96,1 UJ fm.

Thank you #Trampuline squad, #PLUG Ent. and Souless Movement for showing the world a Diva with a difference.

you can watch a bit of COCO the Diva live in the studio through the link below:,

Souless Queen has never disappointed her fans and that can be proven by a music she was featured along side ICE REAL by YBS download and listen.…/bamboo-vicky-brown-x-ice-r…/..Omo

Way to go Coco the Diva. topomzblog.


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