Premarital Sex

What happened to the sentence Sex after marriage now a days, its becoming a thing of concern to the disgusting issues people wake up to these days, what have gone wrong to this generation, we no longer believe in the teachings we listened to when were little and no longer afraid to eat the grown ups food.

We now deceive ourselves that having a boyfriend/girlfriend covers the sin of immorality

I over heard a lady telling her friend one day that she only had sex with her boyfriend and not with many guys so to her there is nothing wrong about it. Give me a sense of shame, when can we have integrity like our mothers of those days when they don’t even know who they were suppose to spend the rest of their lives with and yet remain faithful to the end.

This days we say we are in love and feels its a yardstick to fornicate what does the Bible says about immorality, if we don’t abide by that doctrines it means that we either don’t go to church or we play when the massage is being passed across.

SHAME ON YOU who indulge in such an act.


Which is more respectable to loose him/her over cheap sex or to be a pride in your home.

Many marriages don’t last because we have lost it since before it begins, you can’t take a bad route and expect a happy ending. For a lady you can’t get so loose and expect your husband to satisfy you, what does you take him for a machine?

Is sex before marriage okay if you love each other? some asked

No, sex before marriage is sinful even if you love each other.  Being in love doesn’t alter the reality that the sexual act is outside of marriage, marriage being the ceremonial union of a man and woman in matrimony.  Sex outside of marriage is called fornication and the Bible definitely condemns it.

Besides if this couple is so much in love, then why don’t they carry out what true love is and marry each other?  True love is when you put another person first, not when you take something from them.  When a man and woman engage in fornication they declare that such love for the other person is more self-centered, rather than other-centered.

We should not be deceived God can not be mocked, what you sow that you will reap. I beg all of you calling yourself Christians and engaging in such act with excuses to correct your step least you be a victim of regret.

Don’t hate those who said the truth rather those who engage you with act. the world is big enough for one person, when the bad goes it gives room for the right one. SHINE YOUR EYES MY BROTHER MY SISTER TOMORROW MIGHT BE TOO LATE. property


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