MY DAY TODAY (short story) Episode 1.

“You are going on an errand tomorrow morning”

this massage was passed across as i was about to do some blogging last.

All i wanted to do when i receive the news was to scream, because my thought went to the busy schedule i had lined up for myself the next day. I thought i could sleep early in preparation for the journey but it wasn’t in me to do so even though the environment was cold. I stayed up trying to create a post about the new face of the blog which was the next mission but was also caught up with chatting with few friends online. So many people said i had insomnia because of my inability to sleep which was a bad news to my ears, i tried my best but still find it difficult to sleep once i thought on taking sleeping tablet to help me do that but some one came with a massage of hope that ‘people of great intellect tends to stay awake at night which i hanged on my self.

I thought the cock don’t crow during cold weather. i must have fallen asleep on the page at what time i could not say but my grand piece was screaming 5.30 am when i got up. i said a prayer and rushed into the bathroom to take a quick shower for the journey but to my surprise NOTHING CAME OUT……. (To be continued…..)  written by


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