THE POET EYES- Decipher Moore

Some say what an old man sees while sitting down, a child on an Iroko tree could not see, these proverbs foretells the sight of experience, But again i can say what a poet lay down and saw even an old man sitting could not explain.


Poetry is the Orgasm of Art……..

A line from a role-model to the young poet trying to open their eyes to the pleasures of Art.

Decipher Moore  a name known to have cross the boundary between earth and space, with words that can heals faster than pills. Discern the image and a true reflection of a poet emerge.

Decipher Moore a poet who is currently the assistant secretary to the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Jos Chapter, has back up this position with an Award from JOGAMA and twice held an award from JIN. Jos Industrial.

Decipher Moore also tag as the voice of the poet gods has done so in a dozens of his works which among them is “The Ghost of Mariah” and “Arminna” among others.

you can find his amazing works in the link bellow:

For more inquiry contact us on our page. watch out for more……


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