Aimless Walking……

Is it true that every body that goes to the market went there for business?

many issues arose when this question was asked, it is very surprising to the answers that follow suit. one question remains, why do people walk aimlessly?

It is discovered that jobless people are more in the arena for one or two miracle or opportunity. what about those area boys at the parks in the market, they have more to say about aimless walking, one of them after being interviewed said


” If i no commot, who go give me chop, Na you”?

well certainly not me but again some of the aimless walking causes nuisance and congestion in the market at a result of that it is difficult to detect any issues that threatened the society.

A solution  pops out when discussed and it has reached a need for the Government to meet the need of people to reduce aimless walking e.g. employment and creation of ways to keep people busy to reduce aimless walking.  Words from topomzblog…


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