Written by Chaka PX She might me bold, Crazy and soft, mundane lost, Drove away sensation and cost, She might be quick and legit, Trace and brain of hawk. Lift the joy of love. Ask the choices she made, Please my desire she called. Who is real to treat her right. Peace be with we... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX Thumping peace of feelings, She lay with sarcastic motion, Pump bitch, pump, 'I feel to remember?' Pure evil desires, less consent, Heart me straight on course, Its not pain is believe. What it comes down to, Rest assured its peace of mind, Who does it thump for? Real feelings with cost.... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Taste the forbidden too, Ain't that our first, Driven by curiosity and flare, Cursed and passed originality. Come have a taste, You will never die or lie, Taste, its me cos I know. Worldly change, mentally pissed, Tears runs with fruits in sight, Wait patiently, its the fruit. #topomzblog


Written by Chaka PX Illegal knowledge of thought, Sing through my mind, Contra send theory of acknowledgment, Straight of wisdom, not for long. I possess, I am possessed, Not the den but the wares, Wolves and hyenas, possessed. Wrong and right to led it back, I am indeed free of possession, Who can speak, when... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Look the sky turns red, My moment to feed, pain, Relent of crosses of roses, Through portion and fainting knives. Teeth of saw mate, feel for real, My squad are fake In. Pretending, Vicious and turbulence in ocean tides, On hire for feasting on much cadavers, Undertakes we real for force... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Alone to fight peace, Monsters beyond friendship, Not companions of fools, I was left with molly. Voiceless companion, the bark breaths, I can laugh all day, with your little understanding, I cry when she's hurt, dance once again, Oh Molly, we are two alike, star gazers, Moon walkers and descendent from... Continue Reading →

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