Written by Chaka PX The act of the hand, Imprinted out the back, Doing the will of its mind, The cursing change. At the back of my hand holds my face, Holds my gaze, Holds my race, Inscribed my disgraced grace, Writings of my tribulations, A witness of rising clouds, Behind my hand, I remain... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Capture my guts, my will is free, Love to hate, hate to love, Freedom to create your happy moment, Darkened daily by sour memories. The lone heart, needs only the road, Nothing else to prove..... Be gone with your love, no room, Its moment before the hate consumes. #topomzblog #loudmouth


Written by Chaka PX Ever thought your life was to please others? Look at the entertainers.... A call to make happy, A call to satisfy others, while they crumble, A call, to hide their emotion to make others smile... A call that fate makes it not reasonable... But a call is always a call. #topomzblog... Continue Reading →

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