Written by Chaka PX Perfect frame of passion, Thought and be thought, No one is uncontrollable. Listen let the world see them, Them white and shines, Feel the fright of joy, I am with no apology, Smile or be smiled. I know what it takes, bless, Dance the teeth out, rest, I am who, I... Continue Reading →



Written by Chaka PX Vary fate of thought, Line the keen hearted, My keens float, bubbles. Held in air for free, I know its late, just float, Like balloons I coat, Like strings just hold. Loud the scream, I left alone, Feel free to mold, I float. It takes a while to bud, We make... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Part in play royal, Held up in my imagination, The pain of knowledge, Kept hidden in fears, Why worry in crying? When dying is important. Focus less on the chains, Too deep for glory. Reveal my intention, I got all worked up, What is real, when I can't feel it? Where... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Missed it, we missed it, Agree to disagree, we always missed it, Right now we are missing it, Make the moment longer never to miss it. Are you cleaver, don't miss it, Are you stupid, simply don't miss it, I hope don't miss it. #topomzblog


Written by Chaka PX Flesh and blood bleeds, Champions bleeds, call help, Inside it outside aloud, Feel powerless, strength forgone, Who made the call, listen first. I am like empty vessel, aloud, Inside for free, fire delivered. Sometimes its unclear but its real, Say no more, we understood us. #topomzblog

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