Written by Chaka PX Pride and passion give birth to, Drive with possessions, Colour and beauty is insight without filth, Rain rainbow without greed. They stood with pride, To pray or not to, Different combinations gives the joy, Colours with meaning, hold on to one, Make them speak wonders, Draw the inner self in touch... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Where the journey ends, Pain of imperfections turns to victory, Sore feet glamour in spa of hope, Radiant believes is conquered. Where the journey ends, Faith takes over humanity, Well I'll just create another way. Where the journey ends, Many bottled to the grave in fright, All is not lost, Another... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX Isolate my mind, Tinted in dark wind, And chunk of caffeine, black, With stench I wouldn't preach. In songs but in joy of, Violence and mixture of, Blood and ciggerate burns. OH NO, They wouldn't listen to the whistle, It's sound of tired victory. Just see, what the eyes are saying,... Continue Reading →

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