Written by Chaka PX Spare me the looks, It arouses nothing of desires, All you wish is pleasure of thought, Fantasy and ifantuations, just let it go. I look with curiosity to learn, Forms of repayment in desires, Lay your guard down, not like me, He is not into you, be cursed. Your aura is... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX The agony of night light, Shining without appreciation, Keeping awake gloomy price for lonely souls, Wasn't it beautiful to gaze at me? Seated shame of shining terror, Being rediculd by unholy biddings, How I detest the sight of men, Worshipped and confused, Enraged and misused, To what purpose is night to... Continue Reading →


Written by Chaka PX The addiction of Tim recieved, Messages penned with unseen direction, With lines of attitude, no apology, I wasn't drunk when I wrote this. Attraction of fuel and fire, System and written words, Unfulfilled caged of expression, Bottled within thoughts of fragile infant. The written out way the spoken, Was I caught... Continue Reading →

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